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Why You Should Encourage Your Clients to Meal Prep (And Hire Your Meal Prep Services!)

Why You Should Encourage Your Clients to Meal Prep

Many of our clients aspire to live a healthy lifestyle and to feel super fit and super energized. But let’s face it, (just like us) their lives are often crazy busy and super hectic!

Your clients often have a really simple time setting goals and making “promises” to eat healthily, but when it comes to actually following through with those goals and staying consistent, they often drop the ball.

Your clients are likely super tired of ordering junk food, spending way too much money at restaurants, and ultimately not reaching their fitness goals. What they need (and you need to offer) is a no-fail solution–and that solution is meal prep!

Meal prepping is the act of planning, preparing, and packaging meals and snacks in advance, typically for the upcoming week, with the intention of eating clean and controlling portions.

When you add meal preparation to your business model and encourage your clients the option to hire your meal prep service you will be helping them reach their health and fitness goals.

Think about it – in actuality ALL of your clients would greatly benefit from this service! Right? Everyone benefits from simple and nutritious meals.

Need some help convincing your client that this is the right move? Read on for some helpful tips that you can use during your next training session or client meeting!

They Will Save Money $$$

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive when your clients’ meals are planned in advance! By planning meals in advance, you will know exactly what you need to buy for your client, instead of them going to the store a few times each week to pick up last minute ingredients. Meal prepping will also free your client from needing to spend money and purchase a quick lunch during their working hours.

It Will Help Them Drop Those Extra Pounds!

Planning meals in advance are one of the keys to weight loss.  When you and your client know exactly what and how much is going into their body, you are more easily able to adjust their diet as needed, and your client will get the weight loss results they want. A weekly meal prep routine keeps you and the client in control of how many calories are being consumed.

Grocery Shopping Will Become Easier (Or Non-Existent!)

Once your clients know exactly what meals they will be eating for the week, grocery shopping will be a walk in the park! Your clients will show up prepared with a list that they created or you provided. You can divide the list into categories including fruits, vegetables, protein, frozen food, dairy, grains, and fats. This will help your clients avoid the aisles that are often stocked with tempting junk food. Or, if your client prefers, they can hire you to grocery shop with or for them. 

They Will (Finally) Learn Portion Control

The beauty of meal prep is that it teaches balance. Pre-packing meals in containers will help keep your clients from reaching for that extra helping. If one of their fitness goals is to lose weight and consume the right amount of nutrients, portion control is vital. Of course, they can still treat themselves from time to time, but being able to easily and effectively monitor how much they are eating is an important factor, and super simple while meal prepping.

No More Wasted Food!

Have you ever had to throw away produce that went bad before you had a chance to eat it? It’s not a great feeling, and I am positive your client has been in that exact same situation on many occasions. When your client meal preps (or you as their nutritionist of fitness chef) meal prep for them, there is assurance that most, if not all, ingredients will be used each week.

They Will Save Time

Although time will need to be invested upfront to plan out the meals properly cook them, your clients will have more time overall (especially if they hire you to do their meal prep for them!). Think about how much time we waste standing in front of the refrigerator, trying to figure out what to cook. Once your client’s meals are prepared ahead of time, all they will need to do is take them out of the fridge and heat them up!

It is an Investment in Their Health

The best part of meal prep is that your clients will get to choose ahead of time what they will be eating. When they do this, they will be able to eat cleaner. They will not be scrambling to find something to eat, and risk being exposed to unhealthy options, because their meal has already been prepared, and it’s healthy! The benefits of eating a clean diet are endless. Good nutrition won’t contribute to just a smaller waistline, but it will also contribute to heart health and other factors!

Your Client Will Learn to Have Stronger Willpower

As your clients get into the swing of consistently eating healthy, they will gradually stop craving sugar and other fattening foods. Having a food and eating routine in place is key to healthy eating, and they will find that it becomes easier to turn down the foods they know they shouldn’t be eating!

It Will Help Reduce your Clients’ Stress Levels

Stress, especially excessive stress, can negatively affect your clients’ immune system, cause digestive issues, and disrupt their sleeping patterns. Coming home from work and trying to come up with a plan for dinner can be stressful, but not with a meal prep service! They can say goodbye to the “what’s for dinner” stress and relax knowing that the meal you prepared for them just needs to be heated up!