Keeping Your Clients Happy (And Coming Back for More!)

Keeping Your Clients Happy (And Coming Back for More!)

Keeping Your Clients Happy (And Coming Back for More!)


What is the key to success as a trainer or coach? The answer is simple…Keep your clients happy!

That’s it? One tip? Yes, one tip.

There are many ways to keep your clients happy, but here are some of the top ways to keep your clients happy, smiling, referring, and coming back for more.

Build A Rapport

Truly listen to your client’s issues, problems, and concerns. Doing so will result in a very close bond between you and your clients. By improving your listening skills you will not only build rapport with your client, but you will earn their trust as well. Of course, ensure you stay professional at all times.

Have Regular Goal Assessments

Be sure to have a monthly meeting with all of your clientele. This meeting should cover:

  • Goals for the next month
  • Improvement areas for next month
  • Successes of the past month
  • Current results
  • Their likes and dislikes

Take detailed notes and write down next month’s goals. And if you have done the aforementioned and earned your clients trust you can have the hard conversations if they are not holding up to their end of the expectations. Just remember to be polite!

Keep In Touch

Following up with clients could be one of the more important factors to consider when keeping a client on track.

A general rule of thumb is to contact your client at least 3 times a week outside of your sessions; this could be via text, email or phone call, or via a Facebook group you create for your clients.

Have Great Customer Service

If a trainer can put quality customer service at the forefront of their mind they will reap the rewards of loyal clients. Some key aspects include:

  • Frequent follow-ups
  • Birthday and Christmas cards
  • Rewards for accomplishing goals
  • Getting to know your clients family

Doing the above will not only build a strong relationship, but it will show the client that you genuinely care!

Get Your Clients Emotionally Invested

Getting your client to emotionally invest in their goals will help their progress. From an emotional standpoint, many clients may not even know why they are sitting in front of you, which can make finding a client’s underlying motivation difficult.

That underlying motivation is the emotional connection to their goals.

For instance, a client wants to lose 50 pounds (a goal) because they want to be able to get up and down off the floor to play with their toddler (an emotion). Finding this emotional connection to their goals is paramount to driving long-term success.

Show Your Clients Results

The #1 client service tip and the single best way to keep clients for an extended period is to get them the results they are searching for.

If you can follow the points outlined above, then you will have a great chance at the client achieving their goals and staying motivated, which will lead to greatly increased client retention for your business.


The NESTA/Spencer Institute Team

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