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How to Build Your Personal Brand and Grow Your Training Business

marketing vs building a personal brand for trainersYou can implement many different strategies in the process of developing your personal brand as a certified trainer or professional coach. 

There are some misconceptions in regards to what a personal brand means. Some people think that branding is the same as marketing, but they are completely different things. Being able to understand the difference between the two is going to be very important if you want to achieve optimal results.

Your personal brand is the experience that your clients have when they hire you and when they check your online content or sign up for anything you are offering. A personal brand as a trainer or coach is going to be the sum of all of those experiences.

Be immersed in social media interactions

Posting often in social media, answering questions from users, talking to your audience during live streams. These are all extremely important parts of the process of achieving the best possible results from your branding efforts. 

Modern audiences are expecting to have a closer relationship with those that they seek for guidance. Always be there for your audience and you will see some outstanding results from this process. This is much easier now that live streaming has become such a simple and affordable option for everyone.

Buying good equipment and getting high-speed internet is essential to produce quality streaming videos. You don’t want a bad connection to ruin the flow of your interactions with your audience. The good news is that a decent webcam and a good internet connection are not expensive at all when you see the benefits that they will bring to your personal brand.

Make sure your content online reflects your public speaking

Any catchphrases, any recognizable style in your writing should always translate to your verbal branding. It is crucial for people to be able to distinguish you from others when you speak. This is a very important part of the personal branding process. 

There is nothing wrong with practicing your speech, just make sure it sounds natural and not scripted. Most of the influential people you see on the media are constantly practicing to ensure that their methods of speech are impeccable. Their tone, their pace, and their flow of speech need to have consistency if they are to be easily recognized.

Don’t forget that content marketing continues to be a very important part of any digital marketing effort, so make sure that you take the time to produce good content on a consistent basis. This is the backbone of any marketing strategy that is looking to achieve long term results.

Make sure your visual branding is present

You need to have a personal logo, you also need to choose colors that you feel represent you and your personality. Any slogans, specific images, your personal style, and fashion, these are all part of your brand and you need to keep them in mind at all times. Make sure that your website, your blogs, and your social media all match the theme and colors you have chosen for your personal brand. You also want to be consistent with your font style.

Getting Started

Your personal branding efforts are extremely important if you are planning to offer services as a coach or a trainer. People are going to be more likely to feel engaged by your content if they can relate everything you publish to a strong personal brand. Once you master the process of developing a personal brand, you are going to see incredible changes in your ability to attract your target audience.

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